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ryuko tsushin ∙ august 1 1977

ryuko tsushin ∙ august 1 1977


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early print editorial for the y's label, featuring garments from the autumn / winter season that had just made its runway debut at the tokyo collections earlier that year. photographed by kazumi kurigami who would go on to be a close collaborator of yohji yamamoto for many years to come. a feature on the show with further information on the garments can be seen here.


photo ∙ kazumi kurigami
hmua ∙ tomoko nakamura
model ∙ atsuko
clothing ∙ y's

published by ryuko tsushin co. ltd.
softcover ∙ 21 x 29.5 cm ∙ 5 pp

Yamamoto Yohji ∙ Designer's Collection

Many people recognized and appreciated Yohji Yamamoto's talent early on when he held his first fashion show in May. Describing his clothing in just one word is challenging; not because they're complicated, but quite the opposite - they feel incredibly simple. His designs are natural, relaxed, functional, and exude a very sharp sensibility. Moreover, they are exceptionally gentle. These are clothes for mature women, where sophisticated urban brightness beautifully blends with earthy simplicity, creating a remarkable fusion.

In 1970, he established his made-to-order business, and in 1972, he founded his current label, Y's Co. Ltd. Even if people don't recognize the name Yohji Yamamoto, there are quite alot of people who say that they often wear Y's. This reflects his characteristic approach: he quietly and consistently creates excellent clothing, even if his name may not be widely recognized.

Yohji Yamamoto's clothing are a perfect reflection of his personality. His words are clear, highly intellectual, yet approachable. There's a natural authenticity about him, a warmth that translates directly into his designs. His creations leave room for the wearer's individuality to shine, as if the designer's identity melds seamlessly within the garments without overpowering them. Yohji Yamamoto continues to craft such clothing tirelessly, and he now stands at a new point of departure. Product / Yohji Yamamoto (Y's)
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