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le monde d'hermès nº41 - a/w 02 (japanese)

le monde d'hermès nº41 - a/w 02 (japanese)


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seasonal publication for autumn / winter 2001 during martin margiela's tenure at the maison. a well rounded overview of the house touching upon its heritage, craft, spirit, and lifestyle. seasonal women's features with iconic margiela era garments captured by nathaniel goldberg and anne menke. véronique nichanian menswear feature. claude nori feature. japanese print, collector's item.

"why do handwritten manuscripts set record prices today? why is the enthusiastic interest in handwritten things continuing to grow? the answer comes naturally. that is, every handwritten document has traces of human beings. in the flood of e-mail, we modern people are impressed by the handwritten text that was stored with a pen, comparable to the paleontologists who discovered the footprints of mammoths. suppose you see a few lines of handwritten text. the paper on which it was written was touched by the writer's hand running the pen before our eyes touched it. the ancient ippen comes comes back to life, and the voices of the ancestors can be heard in echoes. this is an exciting moment. my dream this time was to deliver a handwritten copy to all readers of "le monde d'hermes". but one day scientific advances may achieve the feat of "graphology". waiting for that day to come, for now i thank gutenberg. i'm happy that your eyes touch the pages that start here as they are. as you can see, it's a normally printed message, but that doesn't mean it's not without its personality. it's not without love. hermès wholeheartedly brings you a world of beauty, passion, respect for the past, and hope for the future." (translated from japanese)


003. editorial
008. hands-on techniques: robert de goulaine
012. the émile hermès collection: a wandering pen
020. reportage: elegant fingertips
028. la femme automne-hiver: shining like light
040. jewellery
046. la femme automne-hiver: consideration of materials
052. dusk and light
056. reportage: may flower picking
062. special contribution: sophie shelley
064. l'art de vivre automne-hiver: interior life
076. l'homme automne-hiver: stand straight
090. rencontres
094. handbags are friends
100. 00:01 watches
108. invitation: gentle hand ph. claude nori
117. product details
128. hermès around the world

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