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le monde d'hermès nº39 - a/w 01 (english)

le monde d'hermès nº39 - a/w 01 (english)


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seasonal publication for autumn / winter 2001 during martin margiela's tenure at the maison. a well rounded overview of the house touching upon its heritage, craft, spirit, and lifestyle. outstanding seasonal women's feature with iconic margiela era garments captured by nathaniel goldberg. excellent véronique nichanian menswear feature. english print with particularly thoughtful and enriching copywriting. collector's item.

"the beauty of the earth... is not monopolised by the parthenons and niagara falls of this world. it can also be found in a puddle of water or on an electric pole. the splendours of this earth are never anything other than its power to stir feelings of wonder, and human wonderment can satisfy itself with the most modest pretexts. the truth is that life is marvelous for every second that we consider it worth living - that is to say, whenever we feel at one with reality. seen in this light, the beauty of the earth would be nothing but the permanent flame of our instinct for life - an agent of conservation. personally, i prefer the instinct of conversation. for without exchange, without sharing, nothing keeps its charm for long. and that is the wish of our house: to continue, for a millenium or two, its passionate adventures in craftsmanship, to create, design, colour and, above all, have the good fortune to exchange and share it all with you."


003. editorial
004. an invincible hope by jean joubert
024. reportage: pippa folding furniture
032. the émile hermès collection: a lesson in colour
042. women, autumn-winter
068. discreet intruders: objects autumn-winter
076. the "maison hermès" in tokyo
080. nomadic time
086. men, autumn-winter
104. encounters
108. over to you: the old box under my desk by anna gavalda
110. invitation: island light by william abranowicz
120. secret preparations: objects autumn-winter
131. product details
142. hermès around the world
146. eau d'hermès

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