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le monde d'hermès nº37 - a/w 00 (japanese)

le monde d'hermès nº37 - a/w 00 (japanese)


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seasonal publication for autumn / winter 2000 during martin margiela's tenure at the maison. a well rounded overview of the house touching upon its heritage, craft, spirit, and lifestyle. excellent seasonal women's feature with iconic margiela era garments. véronique nichanian menswear feature. japanese print, collector's item.

"a little girl who wants to kiss the wind. the cover of this season's issue of "le monde d'hermes" are the lips presented to aeolus, the god of wind. purely innocent impulses, innocent expectations, this little girl believes in the good nature of things. she is convinced. let her model this child. the virtue of conviction brings vitality to action, and with that in mind, there is alot to do. the beginning of the century creates a sensation of being washed and enchanted. in other words, a new perspective opens up in front of us, who are intoxicated with new possibilities. in the face of a beautifully repainted future, hermes, like this little girl, is full of leaps and bounds. (...) in the new millennium dawn, thanks to the renewed vitality, we feel brilliant, full of movement and lightness. i would like everyone to share this new breath." (translated from japanese)


003. editorial
014. the émile hermès collection: first item
020. hommage: honored talent
034. la femme automne-hiver: transformables
040. bonheur équestre: advanced equestrian in the saddle
046. la femme automne-hiver: clothes holder
048. la femme automne-hiver: traditional metamorphoses
066. invitation: flying to the void
068. reportage: soul and boots
072. self confidence, entrusted to silk
078. close your eyes to see
094. rencontres
096. l'homme automne-hiver: bodyguard, for intimate protection
112. le carnet de jean-louis dumas
116. invitation
125. product details
136. hermès around the world

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