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le monde d'hermès nº36 - s/s 00 (japanese)

le monde d'hermès nº36 - s/s 00 (japanese)


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seasonal publication for spring/ summer 2000 during martin margiela's tenure at the maison. a well rounded overview of the house touching upon its heritage, craft, spirit, and lifestyle. excellent seasonal women's feature with iconic margiela era garments. excellent véronique nichanian menswear feature. japanese print, collector's item.

"japanese haiku and poetry make us feel cheerful and energetic. this is what we need to greet the first beautiful season of the year 2000 AD. as we head into the new century, our maisons are holding crystal glasses instead of sandals. in the glass, a cocktail of knowledge that has been passed down from old times to the maison and a quest for new things is effervescent and shining. hermès wants to deliver these glasses to everyone. in this season's issue of the magazine "the world of hermès", please enjoy this taste on the andre vojansky spread. true sake is made with the three essences of hand, originality, and smile. the hand is the first tool of the craftsman. without originality, any creation is stale and mediocre. and a smile, which is a universal key, a graceful master key. it is a magical means to open the iron gates while fascinating the lock. is it possible to praise art from these three words? the power of human beings to push the inner things into a universal castle. that is art. may the 2000s be good years!." (translated from japanese)


003. editorial
012. originality, hands, and smile: words by andre vojansky
020. reportage: kitchen for color
028. the émile hermès collection: tricycle for dreams
036. reportage: clinoran, revival of a fiber
042. la femme printemps-été: inside and outside
062. the other side of the ocean
066. free pockets
072. objects printemps-été: escape
080. en douceur: private life
090. invitation: plants and i by marie desplechin
092. l'homme printemps-été: about strange dream lessons
106. contacts
110. rencontres: new york, antwerp, london, paris
114. invitation: when it's gone (my early photos) by bernard faucon
125. product details
136. hermès around the world

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