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le monde d'hermès nº35 - a/w 99 (japanese)

le monde d'hermès nº35 - a/w 99 (japanese)


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seasonal publication for autumn / winter 1999 during martin margiela's tenure at the maison. a well rounded overview of the house touching upon its heritage, craft, spirit, and lifestyle. outstanding seasonal women's feature with iconic margiela era garments captured by the likes of mark borthwick and frédéric auerbach. excellent véronique nichanian menswear feature. japanese print, collector's item.

"come on! next is mercury. his feet don't touch the ground and he's on a blue cloud. nothing can stop his flight". this poem from jacques offenbach's opera "orpheus in the underworld" (1858) is sung in the chorus of the second act. perhaps our great-grandparents were aware of the implications of the maison, hermès, while listening to this radiant song (hermès is the greek equivalent of mercury in roman mythology). for 20 years prior, the clan with the same name as the mythological god had already been utilizing the finest leathers to craft the most beautiful harnesses in paris. and today, with the year ahead of the third millennium, with consecutive zeros, it is natural to ride the orbit of a good star and push into the future. but what is needed here is to always keep in mind the power of the past that has built us up. dear readers, we human beings are the individuals brought about by the breath of life. with that in mind, at hermès, as a messenger who carries your dreams, we would like to ride the "blue clouds" and walk with the breath of this life. here we go!" (translated from japanese)


003. editorial
010. the émile hermès collection: grace of the knights of bamba
020. reportage: moonlight
028. naissance d'un lieu: workshop of time
036. chanson, song of movement
042. portraits of women wearing hermes
068. the stole changes
072. èvènement: story of wandering
080. material meteorology
090. rencontre: riding a horse according to tradition
096. man's planet
110. carnet de jean-louis dumas
123. invitation: light of the heart by jean-pierre grand
133. product details
144. hermès around the world

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