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josei seven ∙ august 12 1975

josei seven ∙ august 12 1975


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a 31 year old yohji yamamoto featured in a young designer spotlight in the august 12, 1975 issue of josei seven magazine - 3 years after the launch of y's. showcased alongside his contemporaries with the headlining phrase "who will be at the top in 3 years?", it is interesting to note that this would have been 2 years before the runway debut for y's which would further propel its success in the domestic market. the model's outfit features an anorak pullover with military detailing and a pair of simple yet sturdy looking trousers, standing out in its modesty amongst the works of his colleagues that exhibit more decorative, of-the-moment looks.


published by shogakukan co. ltd.
softcover ∙ 18 x 25.5 cm ∙ 1 pp

Yamamoto Yohji (31)

Our philosophy is to be neat and gentle, "simplicity" is the key!

5 years ago he received the prestigious Soen Award, a gateway to success in the world of fashion. Around that time, he was deeply impressed by Issey Miyake's designs. "Fashion is simplicity", he says. "My expression is what I add on top of that."

Even within the repetition of simple lines, the materials used hold a variety of expressions. This single element alone demonstrates his keen perspective.
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