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'80s photo catalog ∙ ph. noboru morikawa

'80s photo catalog ∙ ph. noboru morikawa

y's for men

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late '80s catalog from a series of works produced in collaboration between photographer noboru morikawa, stylist atsushi okubo, and creative agency diamond head's. features a young joe mckenna in the early years of his career as a stylist at vanity fair, who would later go on to become one of the most influential figures in the fashion industry.


photo ∙ noboru morikawa
styling ∙ atsushi okubo
coordination ∙ cm world ltd.
printing ∙ ikeda printing co. ltd.
art direction, book design ∙ diamond head's
model ∙ joe mckenna of vanity fair
special thanks to gunn's

softcover ∙ 36 x 28 cm ∙ 25 pp

"I was really overwhelmed by the intense energy of the model, Joe McKenna. Joe works as a stylist in New York, so he’s in the same line of work as me.

When I went to meet him for the first time before our photo shoot, I brought along 2 paper bags containing my own Borsalino hats. He showed up wearing a shirt, black jeans and white sneakers. It was a casual look, but it was complete. My personal style wasn’t fully developed at the time. Seeing Joe like that made me get up and go to the bathroom of the restaurant where we were eating lunch and get sick. If the same thing happened to me now I would be fine, but at the time I was mentally weak.

It was an extremely memorable shoot for me in many ways. When I look back at the images now I still think they’re cool."

- Atsushi Okubo, stylist
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