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'80s photo catalog ∙ ph. noboru morikawa

'80s photo catalog ∙ ph. noboru morikawa

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mid-late '80s catalog from a series of works produced in collaboration between photographer noboru morikawa, stylist atsushi okubo, and creative agency diamond head's. captivating casting direction featuring a lineup of chinese youth that exemplifies the universal perspective and adaptability behind the clothes.


photo ∙ noboru morikawa
styling ∙ atsushi okubo
art direction, book design ∙ diamond head's
models ∙ yu jingbo, liu lianqiang, yang jianglin, yao nianzhu
special thanks to gakken co. ltd., heilongjiang youth federation travel dpt.

softcover ∙ 52 x 35 cm ∙ 24 pp

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